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Ruth Mulligan, CMT



"For over 14 years Ruth Mulligan has been the person I trust to help me deal with any pain or muscle problems. I started seeing her initially for massage therapy and then when she became a Bowen therapist, she gave me the choice of either massage therapy or Bowen therapy. I chose Bowen therapy and have been seeing her regularly for many years. I had a fairly extensive breadth of experience with other massage therapists as well as chiropractic, and Ruth was always my massage therapist of choice and when I realized what Bowen therapy could do for me when I needed to heal; Bowen became my therapy of choice. Ruth also introduced me to Scenar and it is a helpful adjunct to Bowen therapy. The two used in conjunction have been a powerful healing duo for me. Ruth brings a sense of calm and quiet that I appreciate, as well as being a compassionate, caring person. Her breadth of knowledge about anatomy as well as the lymphatic, nervous and muscular systems is impressive. I am grateful for Ruth and recommend her to friends and family."                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Vicki N.


"I have been very happy with results received from Ruth's deep tissue, Bowen and Electrode therapy. I was referred to Ruth from my personal trainer for lower back and shoulder pain as well as muscle tightness. I have had relief in all areas to where there was zero pain 4 days after treatment. The electrode therapy on my shoulder was amazing as I was thinking I may need surgery and now know it is not necessary. Ruth is very knowledgeable, spends time with you and targets your troubled areas. You may experience more pain initially after treatment but it goes away."      - Beth L.


"Ruth is HANDS DOWN (pun intended 😂) the best massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She displays ALL the characteristics I look for in her field: caring, knowledgeable, focused, professional. And her voice is so soothing; I melt like butter on a hot dinner roll every time! I usually get the hot stone or full body massage. Sometimes she'll even make it a combo, like McDonalds, but WAY BETTER than any egg McMuffin! I promise you this: you won't be disappointed. :)  " 

  -Evan C. 


"I just want to say how blessed I feel to have found Ruth and Bowen Therapy. She has helped me so much and is always there for me when I need her. I also love the Scenar Treatments as well as the massage sessions. I'm almost 80 years young now, and it's so nice to be able to get a treatment that has only good side affects. Ruth is truly gifted and I thank her so much. Keep up the great work Ruth !"  

                                                                                                                          -Connie Pinckard 😍


"I have received treatments from Ruth throughout the years. They have been very helpful in realigning my spine and reducing my nerve stress. The treatments are very gentle and noninvasive.  

Ruth has a wealth of knowledge concerning the body and its energies. 

I find this method  much more effective than chiropractic."     -S. Madsen


"Physical therapy and acupuncture did not give me any relief for the excruciating Sciatica back pain I suffered with for three months, before I discovered BOWEN Therapy. After my first treatment, I felt like i had found my lifesaver! Ruth continues to help me maintain my healthy body through the BOWEN maintenance I continue to have whenever I feel the need of her healing hands! I have remained pain free!"           -Jonelle R.


"Ruth is a healer. Within the first moments of speaking with her, you’ll already feel at ease. She has helped me recuperate after surgery and she treated my severe TMJ and neck pain. I have had Bowen’s and massage, both excellent. She is generous with her time and she makes me feel so at peace! "       -Emily 


"I went to see Ruth in June ‘17 had had a bad fall off horse last Nov and had a lot of chronic pain and misaligned body parts. I had 4-5 sessions and my chronic pain went away and I felt much more energized. I no longer needed chiro adjustments weekly! They were not holding anyway...She gave me my life back and I am so grateful! I highly recommend Ruth, she rocks and knows her stuff!"

-Adielle C.


 My Homeopathic Doctor of 22 years recommended that I seek out Ruth to receive Bowen Therapy. When I called her I was very impressed with her history of healing practices including massage, chiropractic work, and Bowen Therapy. I had hurt my back while weight lifting and was in a great deal of pain. My first session with Ruth was very relaxing and I really enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her as a provider as well as a friend. She mentioned that a great deal of energy was being released from my body with the Bowen work and I could feel myself relax more and more as she continued with her work. After the session, my back pain had significantly improved and I felt like I was walking on clouds the rest of the night. Ruth is very passionate about her work and takes the time to explain how you can continue with the healing process after you leave the session. I continued with weekly sessions until my back had fully recuperated. I enjoyed her company and work so much that I scheduled a session for my dad and drove him to his appointment. I have also recommended Ruth to anyone I know that is complaining of pain or discomfort. I highly encourage those interested to schedule a session with Ruth when seeking treatment for any physical or psychological pain. She provides excellent insight on healthy and stress-free living while treating the body through Bowen Therapy.

-Kelsey Sullivan, RN